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New stuff:

* I have a new job as a Marketing Exec. Finally! Back in that area. Absolutely loving it. The company was voted 12th best to work for in the UK last year, and it really shows.

* Recently I've been going out with old friends who cropped up from nowhere, and meeting new ones as well which is lovely.

* We've been slowly building up our room into a nice space when we've got the time, with the help of Ikea, Gumtree & freecycle, so hopefully a housewarming should happen soon. We were considering around Halloween!

* Going to see if I can visit Manchester in the coming months, so prepare yourselves, Manc lot! :)

* When I've got a bit more spare time, I'm going to start a group for people who wants to mess around with circus stuff/ play unicycle hockey/ learn new skills in that area. I've wanted to do this for ages, and after the group in Spitalfields closed down, there wasn't really anywhere we could all go. So, I've posted to various internet places to see who'd be interested, and the response has been good. Give me a prod if you'd be interested and I'll let you know when the ball gets rolling :)

Other stuff:

Everything with the flat is good, we're getting there slowly, but it definitely feels like home. Spikey and I are doing well. Both very busy and could do with a holiday. Jessie is fine - still loud, hilarious and lovely.

All photo credit to Linda for this!
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Omg I'm using LJ.

OK, in short: I have far too many shoes, far too little space, and nowhere near enough money. I would like to solve this problem by selling a large chunk of my ridiculous shoe collection. Now, before I take pictures and internet them etc, I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in buying shoes from a size 4 to a size 6, all sorts of styles; Swears, courts, flats, boots, platforms, etc. Some of them never even worn :/

So yes. Give me a shout if you might be interested!
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Just to keep you all updated, here is stuff that's new.

* In January, I'm moving out of Fawlty Towers, and into Mos Eisley with Spikey and Dave.

* I have a job.

* Bar Vinyl has reopened and is back to it's old self, with Ray now as one of the owners.

* Also in January, it's mine & Chris' birthday (26th & 27th). What we're probably going to do is hire a lovely bar or pub or something, and pretty much invite everyone we know to help us celebrate being 21. So keep the weekend after free. :]

Exciting times. Hope you're all well.
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Hello, LJ.

I'm going to write a long-overdue angry LJ post about Campbell Road. Not the actual road itself, but the people on it.

So back in Feb, I made this post about that moron who tried to get me into his car etc, on Campbell Rd. That was the first time that had happened this year. I think. I was very cross and upset, but figured it's not the nicest of areas, and you get wankers everywhere.

Then a couple of months ago, Chris and I were walking down the same road at about 11pm, on the way back from the pub or something. There was a woman on her phone who saw us and started walking a lot slower. She was on her phone. We walked past her and she was walking behind us or a while. I'm not exactly sure which part made Chris think this, as it didn't even cross my mind, but he said "Tara, not being funny, but I think that woman is following us". I was like "WTF seriously? I'm pretty sure we don't have anything to worry about. she's probably just trying to work out where she's going. Look, she's on her phone too." He then mentioned that as we were walking past her, she was talking into her phone, but just words that didn't make sense. I still thought he was being paranoid. So Chris said "watch this". He lead me onto a road coming off Campbell road, and stopped to tie his shoe laces. Woman on phone also stopped and waited while Chris was "doing his laces". She carried on talking into her phone.
We carried on walking down the road.
She started walking again.
We crossed the road.
She crossed the road.
We crossed back.
She crossed back.
We were pretty worried by this point and didn't want her to follow us home (which is about 3 or 4 minutes away from where we were) so we stopped in at the offie. Lo and fucking behold, she stood outside. We waited for about 5 minutes. She was still there, just sitting and waiting. After about 10 minutes, we thought this was mad and if she follows us onto our road, we'll call the police.
We left the offie, and she was gone.

What the actual fuck.

And the third incident this year, today. I was walking back from the post office in my own little world of awesome new tunes. So I could only hear my music. As with last time, bloke in car started driving next to me at the same speed I was walking, and I presume he was trying to talk to me. I ignored him. He keeps going for a while, clearly not taking the hint, so I removed my sunglasses, glared at him, and sped up. He then drove down the road, U turned, and pulled over at one of the roads coming off Campbell Rd. Like the other guy did. There were a few people dotted around, and I could see two police people (I supposed they've picked up that Campbell Rd isn't so great now, which is nice) which made me feel a bit better, and I was coming up to a park which there a usually people in, so walked a bit faster. I turned round, and he was a fair way behind me, but I still felt weird, particularly as this is very similar to what happened with the last bloke. So I crossed the road, and headed in the direction of the police. He then turned round, got back in his car, and fucked off. Just like that. I'm finding it hard to believe that's a coincidence.

My rage has mostly gone now, and I'm more concerned about self-defense. I didn't realise until after that as my RSI is playing up, I'm wearing a (very visible) wrist strap and if I did have to defend myself, I may as well have had I sign saying "THIS WRIST IS FUCKED AND I'D BE USELESS IN A FIGHT". Not to say that I'd be much good anyway. But yes. Even fists of fury wouldn't have done much, if it came to it.

That worries me, among many other things I've written about today. All the "what if"'s. Being followed by scary people seems to be a continuing theme in my life from about 8 or 9, and I often wonder if X wasn't around/I couldn't sprint so fast/I didn't notice in time.
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* I have returned from Spain. TRY TO CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT.

* Tomorrow is my second interview for GBT.

* Friday is celebratory/commiseratory Bar Vinyl/ Sin City. Be there, and stuff.

* I am tanned!

* It was lovely, and really very needed.

* Donk, donk donk donk donk.

What did I miss?
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